IP Geolocation

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IP Geolocation APIs are essential components in building an intelligent web. You can use the APIs to quickly estimate your user’s location and other useful network information based on the IP addresses. They are widely used for content localisation, customer targeting, geofencing, digital rights management and online fraud detection.

IP Address

IP Geolocation API Endpoint

    url: "https://dayadora.com/api/v1/locate/ip",
    type: "GET",
    cache: false,
    datatype: "json",
    headers: {
        "Authorization": "Bearer {API_KEY}"
    success: function(response) {
    error: function(response) {

Optional Parameters

Key Values
api {api_key}

Response Success

Status Code Output
success 200 {returns: 'json_object'}
error 201 {message: "Your API limit for requesting IP Location data has been consumed."}

Response Error

Status Code Output
error 403 {message: "Forbidden. Unauthorized access"}

JSON Results

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